Playgroup may be the first time your little one steps out on their own to make new friends.

In our safe environment lasting friendships are made…and not just among children but parents as well.

As a community playgroup parents have a very active role in the running of the playgroup.  Parents are always encouraged to visit and view the results of our hard work and play.  Our parent committee also gives the chance for active imput into the daily running of the playgroup.

“You’ve certainly given them the best introduction to life in the education system they could have!”
Mandy, mum of Hannah and Adam

“I couldn’t be happier with the care and teaching my children received during their time at Anahilt Playgroup.  It was perfect preparation for primary school and they have such special memories of their time there.”
Joanne O’Hagan, mum of Finn, Conn and Joe

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